Hi, I'm Dan. 👋 I get excited about good ideas, digital products quickly and am full of drive once the flow really gets me. I'm currently a freelancer and as a full-stack designer I help companies optimize their brand and their digital products to the customer.

A night owl meets a daydreamer and on top of that I'm a northern German free thinker who wants to change his environment in a progressive way. 💪

Even though I graduated years ago, I love learning something new every day and interacting with the people that surround me.


Jubelsturm is an online marketing agency that works together as a collective. Jubelsturm believes the future of successful projects lies outside of entrenched structures, closed office spaces or inflexible working models. Jubelsturm combine the best of an owner-managed GmbH with the flexibility of freelancers. The team consists exclusively of experienced specialists who know each other personally and have been realizing projects together for years.

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