Hi. I'm Dan. 👋 I quickly get excited about good ideas, digital products, and am full of action when the flow really gets me. Currently, I'm a freelancer and as a Full-Stack Designer, I help companies optimize their brand and digital products for their customers. 

Even though I completed my formal education years ago, I love learning something new every day and exchanging ideas with the people around me.

Full-Stack Designer: The Expert for Your Brand & Product

Discover the advantages of a Full-Stack Designer: From branding to technical implementation, a Full-Stack Designer brings your brand and product to success. 💪

What is a Full-Stack Designer?

A designer involved in every phase of a product.

Strategic Design
Design Thinking
UX Design
Wireframe & User Research
UI Design
Logo & typography etc.
Interaction Design
Prototype, A/B test
Front Web Develop
Marketing Design
Media & Advertising

Strategic Design

Auf Basis von Analysen und Recherchen entwickle ich eine Design-Strategie, um unsere gemeinsamen Ziele und Pläne zu erreichen.

UX Design

Through my layout, I shape the end user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

UI Design

As a designer, I ensure that the brand and user interface are attractive, visually stimulating, and thematically appropriate. 

Interaction Design

I design the sensory components within the interaction between the user and the digital product for all user interfaces.

Front Web Developer

There are various tools and platforms like WordPress available, with which I can develop the website design.

Marketing Designer

With every digital medium, my design hits the right note to best reach your target audience.


Jubelsturm 🎉 is an online marketing agency that operates as a collective. Jubelsturm believes that the future of successful projects lies outside of rigid structures, closed office spaces, or inflexible working models. Jubelsturm combines the best of an owner-managed GmbH with the flexibility of freelancers. The team consists exclusively of experienced specialists who know each other personally and have been realizing projects together for years.

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