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Hi. I'm Dan. 👋 I'm a full-stack designer and I love freelancing to make things simpler, faster and smarter for your business or platform.


UX & UI Design
finfire - digital Consultant
I was commissioned to oversee the UX and UI design for the 'finfire' platform of the Netfonds Group, focusing on intuitive user navigation and aesthetic design. Additionally, I was responsible for the graphic design of the brand, aiming to create an appealing visual concept.
Rebranding | UX & UI Design
DentalPark - Dentist
For DentalPark, I conducted a rebranding and designed their website, creating a modern brand image and a user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, the technical implementation was carried out by others.
Branding | Webdesign
Academy - Dialog ofcultures
For the WestOstAkademie, which is dedicated to the West-Eastern dialogue of cultures, I designed the branding and the website. The focus was on visually representing the bridge between cultures and creating a website that makes this dialogue appealing and accessible.
Branding | Webdesign
Rodewald - Learning therapy
For Rodewald, a practice for integrative learning therapy, I developed the branding and created a multilingual website. My goal was to create an inviting and professional brand image and to design a website that reflects the diversity of the practice and appeals to various language groups.
Branding | Webdesign
Jubelsturm - SEM-Agency
For Jubelsturm, a SEM agency, I created the branding, print materials, and the website. My goal was to create a dynamic and appealing brand image that reflects the agency's expertise in search engine marketing, as well as to develop a feature-rich and visually compelling web presence.

Digital brand development

As your external full-stack designer, I develop not only digital products such as websites and apps, but above all the company's brand. I'm less concerned with the one-time development of a complete solution, but rather with the continuous development and optimization of the brand and its design. I want to work with you in the long term to simplify your processes so that customers have more direct access to your company and services.

Consulting & Support

I'm happy to support you and your team as an external design consultant and accompany the process from the beginning or in the middle, as if I had always been part of it. You lack the appropriate resources in-house, or you need a professional assessment? I analyze the status quo, share my experience and knowledge with you, guide your team or work out concrete optimization proposals. In addition, I discuss technical requirements with developers so that we understand each other and represent your interests in front of other service providers. 💪

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