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Hi. I'm Dan. 👋 I'm a full-stack designer and I love freelancing to make things simpler, faster and smarter for your business or platform.

What is a full stack designer ?

A designer involved in every phase of a product.

Strategic design
Design Thinking
UX design
Wireframe & User Research
UI design
Logo & Typography etc.
Interaction design
Prototype, A/B Test
Front web develop
Marketing design
Media & Advertising

Digital brand

As your external full-stack designer, I develop not only digital products such as websites and apps, but above all the company's brand. I'm less concerned with the one-time development of a complete solution, but rather with the continuous development and optimization of the brand and its design. I want to work with you in the long term to simplify your processes so that customers have more direct access to your company and services.

I'm happy to support you and your team as an external design consultant and accompany the process from the beginning or in the middle, as if I had always been part of it. You lack the appropriate resources in-house, or you need a professional assessment? I analyze the status quo, share my experience and knowledge with you, guide your team or work out concrete optimization proposals. In addition, I discuss technical requirements with developers so that we understand each other and represent your interests in front of other service providers. 💪

Consulting &

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